Orchard Towers Dojo  オーチャード タワー道場

1 Claymore Dr, #07-00 Orchard Towers Rear block Carpark Area,  Singapore 229594

Kids & Adult ( Beginner & Senior )



Saturday Class

10:00am ~ 11:00am  Mixed Class


Sunday Class

3:00pm ~ 4:00pm  Junior Belt Class 

Junior Belt  Class introduce young children beginner to basic fundamental skills in developing discipline, positive character building as well as their motor and cognitive skills. Through basic Kyokushin Karate drills and movement, including games and fun activities, enable the children to enjoy the class while developing a constructive and flexible mind set.   

4:10am ~ 5:10   Senior Belt and Adult Class 

Senior Belt and Adult Class is to develop confidence, discipline, self-control and fitness. You will be introduced to various cardio workout and Kyokushin Karate drills and techniques to increase your fitness level. Stamina, flexibility and agility are optimal in times of handling any situation that includes the level of concentration in their daily life hood. You will be taught efficiently step by step in a comfortable and safe environment. Our trained and certified instructors will demonstrate each technique and explain the functionality of each technique to allow students to understand the proper means of utilizing the techniques. Join our on-going class and be part of the self-development group which helps to promote greater benefits for yourself. You can achieve your success sooner.